Atauttikkut – Inuit Youth Connect

Make your voice heard

Join ArcticNet, the Inuit Circumpolar Council, and Live It Earth in an exciting project to connect Inuit youth across the North American Arctic. Express yourself on what climate change means to you. Voice your priorities. Share your realities. Learn and develop media skills through targeted workshops. Produce impactful short videos using accessible tools such as cell phones, Canva and TikTok. Engage in the Atauttikkut virtual exchange forum to discuss climate change and develop solutions to common challenges.

The Atauttikkut virtual exchange forum is taking a break. More information coming soon!


Watch the Atauttikkut workshop (English)



Watch the Atauttikkut workshop (spoken English with written Inuktitut translation)


Watch the short storytelling capsule


Watch the short video creation capsule


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